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  • OEM Service

  • 1. OEM Customer Groups
    Qualified dealers with registered trademarks.

    2. OEM product Advantages
    The low headroom electric chain hoist is intended for use in limited spaces, achieving a maximum lifting height.

    Motor Housing: As it is made of an aluminum alloy, the motor housing looks great and is lightweight. It has special peripheral fins that can help the motor cool quickly, allowing for a 40% higher cooling performance than ordinary steel housing.
    Brake: The low headroom electric chain hoist has dual brakes--a motor brake and a mechanical brake, making the braking process safer and more accurate.

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  • User's Guidance

  • 1. If the electric hoist is newly installed or has been reinstalled after trouble shooting, a test run with an empty load should be carried out several times. Do not use the hoist before installation is complete.

    2. Before putting the hoist into normal use, first perform a 10 minute static load test- use the hoist to lift a weight that is 125% of the rated load, and lift it off the ground only at 100 mm.

    3. A dynamic load test is letting the hoist rise, fall, and perform left or right movements with a rated load. During this process, the mechanical transmission is checked to see if electric parts and connection parts are in normal and reliable working conditions.

    4 Do not use the lifting equipment in an impermissible environment, or exceed the rated load and nominal circuit closing times per hour (120 times).

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