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OEM Custom Manufacturing Service

1. OEM Customer Groups
Qualified dealers with registered trademarks.

2. OEM product Advantages
The low headroom electric chain hoist is intended for use in limited spaces, achieving a maximum lifting height.

Motor Housing: As it is made of an aluminum alloy, the motor housing looks great and is lightweight. It has special peripheral fins that can help the motor cool quickly, allowing for a 40% higher cooling performance than ordinary steel housing.
Brake: The low headroom electric chain hoist has dual brakes--a motor brake and a mechanical brake, making the braking process safer and more accurate.

Limit switch: This hoist meets all specifications, and is equipped with both an upper and lower limit stopper to ensure safer lifting and falling.
Lifting Chain: The lifting chain has an 80-grade alloy steel lifting ring chain with a carbon black surface treatment, and a breaking factor that is four times better than competitors.
Upper and Lower Hooks: Both hooks are made with a forging process, with a breaking force that is four times better. The lower hook can rotate in a complete circle at 360°.
Protection Class: IP54 dustproof and waterproof level.
Insulation Class: F

3. Customization Range
The low headroom electric chain hoist is made in accordance with all customer requirements, and we can provide updated versions of the electric chain hoist without changing the basic operation performance and safety performance. Customization is available in the following ranges:

Lifting height: 3M~100M.
Voltage: Three-phase power 380V, 440V, 360V, 220V, 110V (single phase 220V is possible for some hoists).
Variable frequency: Low headroom chain hoists of any specifications can be customized to lift or travel at variable speeds.
Synchronization: Multiple electric chain hoists can be customized to rise, fall and travel simultaneously.
Control: Line-control handle or wireless remote control handle.
Size: The size of some hoist parts can be tailor-made.