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Corporate Strategy

In an effort to provide more industries with our innovative and reliable lifting equipment, and to solidify our reputation both in China and abroad as an extraordinary provider for all your lifting needs, we have begun to implement a 10 year corporate strategy that will allow us to better serve our customers and protect their investments. The specific aspects of the plan are as follows:

1. We plan to increase the domestic market share of our newly developed PDH electric chain hoist by 10%.
2. Both the hand pallet truck and the PDH electric chain hoist will lead us into a developing era for new products and marketing techniques, and these two products will lead the way to expanding our already extensive product catalogue.
3. We plan to boost our current management system, to bring it into the modern age and work directly with customers. A solid foundation leads to more satisfied customers, and allows us to focus on the development of new products to better aid our customers.
4. We are going to continue to provide our customers with superior electric hoists and other lifting solutions.
5. In order to increase the awareness of us on an international level, we are going to emphasize new marketing in Europe and the Americas, achieving a full sales coverage in the target areas within 3 short years.
6. By the end of the 10 years, we will have introduced a brand new European electric chain hoist.