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Lifting Equipment Applications
  • Lifting Equipment for Automobile Manufacturing

  • With the advances of technology, one of the most common modes of transportation is by car. To better improve production efficiency and meet the ever growing market demand for automobiles, manufacturers are improving production lines to increase the output per unit time.

    Because of that, many are turning to DSK and our electric hoist to get a better handling of auto parts and partially completed vehicles throughout the manufacturing process, shortening delivery times and improving production efficiency. The electric hoist can be used in welding lines, assembly lines and spraying lines in automobile manufacturing companies.

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  • Lifting Hoist for Shipbuilding

  • Although many companies export products around the world via planes, many nations bordering the sea use ships for both importing and exporting products, and a popular vacation destination is taking a cruise. Because of that, shipbuilding is still a booming industry, and hull welding and the mounting of electrical equipment are important stages in building ships. Lifting devices supplied by us are incredibly useful to aid you in increasing shipbuilding efficiency. When processing large steel structures, lever hoists are the most supportive tool for connecting steel members. Dersk also provides an assortment of electric hoists that can be used to move and install electrical equipment after construction of the hull is finished.

    We pride ourselves on producing tools that are both safe and accurate, and we are happy to provide you with the needed devices to make your manufacturing processes as efficient as possible.

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  • Hoisting Equipment for Logistics

  • When it comes to import, export and storage processes for any company, logistics rely heavily on the use of warehouses and trucks. DSK electric hoists can assist laborers in quickly sorting and lifting items into the warehouse and trucks, reducing the costs incurred in the process. A lever hoist is a welcome assistance when loading trucks with large items, bundling or fixing large objects, making the process that much easier.

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  • Electric Hoist for Food Production

  • DSK's low-headroom electric hoist provides a clean, sanitary and quiet environment for production in the food industry, reducing contamination and keeping your company in compliance with food industry sanitation requirements. This hoist minimizes the impact the food processing environment has on itself, maximizing support to guarantee food safety while reducing production costs.

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  • Lifting Hoist for the Aviation Industry

  • Our lifting devices are designed to provide the safest and highest quality support for the aviation manufacturing industry. Throughout the process of creating aircrafts, rockets, and other aerospace items, an electric hoist is necessary for lifting raw materials and fastening parts. With the aid of an electric hoist, production efficiency can be effectively increased.

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  • Lifting Hoists for Railway Construction

  • Railway Maintenance and Cargo Transportation
    Railway construction is another industry that lifting equipment for heavy materials is needed. DSK can provide an assortment of electric hoists, electric beam trolleys, magnetic lifters and other assorted lifting tools to make moving long and heavy parts such as rails to the construction site easier. For example:

    Bridge cranes and electric chain hoists usually work in tandem to move rails.
    A paved area can allow for the use of movable bridge cranes and electric chain hoists.
    To prevent the displacement of materials during transportation, a lever hoist can be used to adjust them until they are solid and stationary.

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  • Stage Hoist for the Entertainment Industry

  • The entertainment industry is one of the most common areas where leading technology and audiovisual effects are used, bringing enjoyment and entertainment to people's lives. As a lifting device manufacturer, DSK is dedicated to making lasting impressions by offering the best in material handling equipment in order to improve upon working efficiency.

    Our electric chain hoists can improve the quality in projects related to sightseeing, concerts that draw in large crowds, cinemas, theaters, television stations and other entertainment industry related locations, bringing enjoyment to more people.

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