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Magnetic Lifter (Permanent Lifting Magnet)

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Our magnetic lifter is a permanent lifting magnet, and it is mainly used to handle steel plates, steel bars, modules, tooling and other magnetic materials. The core piece of this machine is the actual powerful magnet, though the overall machine has a small figure to allow you to use your space efficiently. With its small size, the magnetic lifter helps lift products while still being easy to control individually. The magnetic lifting device can be used in field operations, usually for lifting flat machine parts and steel plates. It is also good mold and machinery manufacturing industries.

Technical Data

Model Rated lifting strength Cylindrical lifting strength Max. Pull-off strength L W H R Operation temperature N.W.
Kgf Kgf Kgf Kg
PML-1 100 30 300 92 64 70 145 < 80 3
PML-4 400 120 1200 195 95 92 160 < 80 10
PML-6 600 200 1800 216 118 118 219 < 80 20
PML-10 1000 300 3000 264 148 138 266 < 80 37
PML-20 2000 500 6000 397 168 168 380 < 80 80
PML-50 5000 1500 15000 582 290 265 627 < 80 320

1. Our magnetic lifter uses a high performance neodymium magnet, which can provide an incredibly strong magnetic force. To start or end the lifter's operation, simply turn the handle and change the magnetic field line.
2. Because this lifting tool works without a power supply, it is safe, energy efficient and works great.
3. When the magnetic lifter is in operation, there are 2 vertical poles that form on its bottom surface that firmly grabs iron materials. The bottom surface also has a V-shaped groove, which enables the magnetic plate lifter to lift cylindrical work pieces.
4. We provide a variety of models available in different load capacity levels, giving customers more choices.


The magnet lifter can lift block or cylindrical-shaped work pieces. It is a great assistance in handling various parts in processing plants.

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