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Mini Electric Hoist

    1. Mini Electric Hoist (Hoist with Electric Beam Trolley) Mini electric hoist can travel along a track. When compared to a fixed hoist, it makes transportation is more convenient. Driven by a motor and controlled with a hand crank, this traveling hoist walks along the bottom flange of the I-beam steel track.

The 100Kg-1,000Kg electric hoist is a miniature electric wire rope hoist. It is reasonably designed in line with national standards and made with carefully chosen materials. With its light weight and high strength, it has been a market success for a number of years and is highly sought after by our customers.

As it can operate on 220V of voltage, the mini electric hoist is suitable for use in small areas, such as family workshops without a 3-phase power supply. With its remote control, this radio controlled hoist is easy to operate. This lifting hoist is commonly used in factories, mines, power systems, farms, building construction, piers, shipyards, and warehouses for mounting equipment with loading and unloading cargo areas.