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Electric Chain Hoist

Our PDH electric chain hoist has been one of our most popular requested products from companies involved in civil engineering, building construction and equipment installation. Typical uses of the electric chain hoist can be found in infrastructure construction and maintenance projects that involve highways, bridges, power systems, buildings, slopes, tunnels, hoist ways and manufacturing industries including ship building, automobiles, and mining.

To meet a demanding market, our PDH electric chain hoist comes with a number of components, including the electric trolley, a manual trolley, and a hook. We can also provide a special electric hoist to use in stages and theaters. The capacity range on this construction hoist is 0.5 t to 5t, in order to satisfy all customer needs.

1. Aluminum Body: The electric chain hoist is lightweight, and has a great corrosion resistance and cooling performances due to the aluminum material used for the body.
2. Completely Sealed: This powered chain hoist is completely sealed so that it can perform well in harsh environments and service conditions. This structure is simpler as it has fewer parts, has an excellent rigidity and prevents dust and water from getting inside.
3. Imported Chain: The chain is imported from Japan, and has a great resistance to fatigue and wear.
Multiple Sets of Protective Devices:

1. The electric chain hoist has a load limiter to reduce the potential for making hazardous, over-capacity lifts.
2. The hook has a locking latch device to prevent accidental slipping in the locks.
3. The motor has a thermal protection device, which automatically cuts the power to prevent the motor from burning out due to frequent usage.
4. It is equipped with both an upper and lower limit device. Then the hook reaches either the upper or lower extreme limits, the device automatically cuts the power, causing the hook to immediately stop functioning.

New Structure
1. The electric hoist is made of a high-strength aluminum alloy, giving it a beautiful appearance, compact body, small size and a light weight.
2. It uses a double-geared drive, and helical gears are used for high speed levels, while transmission is smooth and quiet.

Advanced Square Aero Connector
1. With aero connectors, the electric chain hoist not only looks better, but it also has great waterproof and fireproof features.
2. The connector also allows the hoist to adapt better to harsh working environments and working conditions.

Emergency Stop Buttons with Protection Against Pressure Loss
1. By pressing the emergency stop button, you can immediately cut off the motor circuit.
2. The button controller uses an ergonomic design, which means operation is easy and comfortable.
3. Operating voltage s at 24 V or safer.

    1. Electric Chain Hoist (PDH Hoist with Manual Trolley)The trolley chain hoist has a compact structure, allowing it to work fast, quietly and steadily with a reliable performance. The chain is put through a carburizing treatment so that it is rust resistant, hard, and tough.
    1. Electric Chain Hoist (PDH hoist with Electric Trolley)PDH hoist with electric trolley is a small, lightweight material hoist that can bear a load capacity anywhere from 500-5,000Kg. This electric hoist has a compact structure, small size, is easy to use, and is safe. Lifting speed can be set at a predetermined rate.
    1. Electric Chain Hoist (PDH Electric Chain Hoist with Hook)With a larger lifting capacity, this electric chain hoist is capable of lifting and handling items weighing up to 5t., and is a PDH electric chain hoist with hook. This hoisting equipment is great for loading and unloading cargo, and lifting heavy items such as large machines for work or repair.
    1. Electric Chain Hoist (PDH Stage Hoist)Designed for mounting stage equipment, theatre equipment and setting up outdoor concert venues, our electric chain hoist ensures a safe and accurate positioning of audio and lighting systems, stage facilitates, set pieces and more.