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Electric Chain Hoist (PDH Stage Hoist)

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The PDH stage hoist is an electric chain hoist intended to be used in stages or theaters. It is a specialized lifting equipment developed according to application characteristics of those locations, therefore its design is lightweight, compact, pulls quickly and prevents chain jams. The powered hoist is used in strict accordance with requirements for touring performances and touring exhibitions.

Technical Data

Model Capacity
Lifting Height
Lifting Speed
Lifting Motor
Power (Kw) Rotation Speed (r/min) Phases Voltage
PDH-A-1 D 1 3/9 7.2 1.1 1440 3 220-440 50/60

Size specification

Model Capacity
H A B D E K L N Chain
PDH-A-1 D 1 400 595 320 300 230 ø40 31 24 ø6.3

Designed for mounting stage equipment, theatre equipment and setting up outdoor concert venues, our electric chain hoist ensures a safe and accurate positioning of audio and lighting systems, stage facilitates, set pieces and more. The surface is painted a shiny black, and it is equipped with a mechanical overload protection device to make it more reliable. The lubricating grease is fitted within the gear box to prevent drop s from leaking onto the stage. This electric chain hoist is great for both agents and end users.

Details of Electric Chain Hoist (PDH Stage Hoist)

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